Friday, June 19, 2015

The Prompt: 

My Piece:

She had someone slip him a note this morning with his coffee. He was to meet her in the alley out back at midnight. Their meetings were always this way  - clandestine, unexpected, late at night. He'd taken up calling her Midnight just for the sake of putting a name to the red lips and rose perfume.

He arrived two minutes ahead of schedule. She was already there, waiting in the shadows.

"You're early."

"There wasn't any traffic."

A man, taller than he, stepped out into the small beam of light. He smelled of cigarettes and whiskey. The lackey passed him a small cloth bag. 

He looked inside. A diamond gleamed back at him. 

"I want you to get rid of that by tomorrow night. Your payment will be here when the job is done."

"Seems a shame to destroy something so beautiful."

He was speaking to the cold night air. She was already gone, as was her lackey.