Friday, June 19, 2015

The Prompt: 

My Piece:

She had someone slip him a note this morning with his coffee. He was to meet her in the alley out back at midnight. Their meetings were always this way  - clandestine, unexpected, late at night. He'd taken up calling her Midnight just for the sake of putting a name to the red lips and rose perfume.

He arrived two minutes ahead of schedule. She was already there, waiting in the shadows.

"You're early."

"There wasn't any traffic."

A man, taller than he, stepped out into the small beam of light. He smelled of cigarettes and whiskey. The lackey passed him a small cloth bag. 

He looked inside. A diamond gleamed back at him. 

"I want you to get rid of that by tomorrow night. Your payment will be here when the job is done."

"Seems a shame to destroy something so beautiful."

He was speaking to the cold night air. She was already gone, as was her lackey.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday #4! (...sort of)

I know I'm pretty late to the party, but I'm hoping I'm fashionably late ;)
So, I don't have a piece for the Friday before last (that prompt is giving me a hard time for some reason). However, I do have something for this past Friday! Better late than never, right? :)

Anyhoo, this was the prompt: 

And this is my piece: 

Cassie scanned the shelves, admiring the rows of multicolored jars and bottles. The smaller ones contained just one serving of food or drink; the bigger the jar the bigger the serving size.
She selected a small blue jar and took a cautious sip. As the liquid rushed over her tongue she tasted everything at once - a blueberry muffin, burnt buttered toast, and hazelnut coffee. As usual, it was overwhelming at first, but after a moment all the different tastes blended together deliciously.
If she ever made it back to Earth this was one of the things she'd miss about Blythe.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Week 2 of Flash Fiction Friday! Yay! :)

The others in my writing group aren't doing this, but for some reason I want all of my Flash Fictions to center around one (or two...) characters. The character named Cassie is going to be a thread linking all of my FF's together. Don't ask me why I feel the need to focus them all on a certain character rather than separate people and stories like the others are doing. I guess I'm just weird like that!

Anyhoo, the prompt this week was:

And here is my 100 word response (granted I counted correctly):

The box was small, hardly big enough for anything. It was lined with green velvet and played a gentle, familiar melody that brought a smile to Cassie's usually frowning lips.
Luke peered around the corner and caught her staring at it. "An impulse buy," he told her. "Thought you might like it."
Cassie almost told him he was sweet to think of her, until she realized the music box was the only thing he'd returned with.
"You were suppose to be looking for food."
"You try finding coffee on an alien planet!"
"For the last time, coffee isn't food."

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Friday, December 12, 2014

So earlier this week I joined a small writing group. Each week we get a prompt and write 100 words on that prompt.

Here is the prompt for this week:

 Here is my piece:

"Welcome to Blythe," a monotone voice greeted from above as Cassie stepped off the ship.
Most of the others had chosen to stay on the ship, deeming it safer than whatever waited for them outside. Only a handful of people had chosen to adventure off the rotten-smelling vessel.
"Do you think they have chocolate here?" One person whispered.
"Coffee. I just want coffee," said another.
"Why are we here? What do you want?" Cassie called up to the pink sky, assuming the voice's owner resided somewhere up there.
"Company," the ominous voice replied.
"Lonely aliens," Cassie muttered, looking around. "Perfect."

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